Thursday, January 5, 2017


Earlier this week, I wrote about my 2017 creative goals. Today I want to drill down into my garment sewing goals. The #2017MakeNine exercise, created by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille, is a fun way of honing in on what I want to sew this year. Here are the top nine patterns that I'm most excited about making: 

Top row (Cardigans and Sweatshirts) 
#1: Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio: I'd like a sweatshirt/sweater to wear over button down shirts, and I've read only good things about this pattern. 
#2: Oslo Cardigan from Seamwork Magazine: My first attempt at the Oslo Cardigan was a bit of a disappointment. I think it was because I chose the wrong size. I'm ready to try this pattern again and have already started working on it, in a different size. 
#3: Driftless Cardigan from Grainline Studio: I absolutely love this pattern and think it will go together quickly on my serger. Looking forward to wearing a cardigan with pockets! 

Middle row (Dresses and Shirts) 
#4: Kenedy Dress from Seamwork Magazine: I've loved this dress ever since it came out. I just need to find the right fabric. 
#5: Neenah Dress from Seamwork Magazine: I'm planning on hacking this pattern into a mock turtleneck shirt. Looks cozy. 
#6: Jane Tee from Seamwork Magazine: I'd love to find a knit shirt pattern that I can make repeatedly. I've already started making this one. We'll see how it goes. 

Bottom row (Pants and Skirts) 
#7: Mabel Skirt from Colette Patterns: I've been eyeing this pattern ever since it came out. As soon as they announced that you can now spend Seamwork credits on Colette Patterns, I grabbed it. I'm planning to hack Version 1 into a much longer skirt. 
#8: Moji Pants from Seamwork Magazine: I've never made pants, and want to try my hand at it this year. This pattern looks easy enough. 
#9: Margo Skirt from Seamwork Magazine: When this pattern came out, I was immediately drawn to it. It's similar to the Mabel Skirt, so I'm interested in seeing which skirt works better for me. 

I tried to pick a variety of patterns that would work well with each other. It's not quite a capsule wardrobe, but I hope to add some variety and interest to my existing handmade wardrobe. Of course, I'm not going to limit myself to only these nine patterns, but it's a great starting point for 2017. 

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  1. Awesome starting point! Hope you find some new favorites here!